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The SEGRA Foundation will hold the next National Regional and Economic Development Summit in Busselton from 29-31 October 2024.

The City of Busselton and Regional Development Australia South West will jointly host the national event which is expected to attract over 250 ‘doers’ from across regional Australia.

Busselton is an ideal location for the national event, which focuses on sustainable economic development. Busselton and the surrounding communities are vibrant, with premium agricultural produce and diverse industries, all of which will be highlighted at the Summit.

Mayor Phill Cronin said the opportunity for Busselton to host the 2024 National Summit was a win for the region.

“When a regional town hosts a conference that showcases local industry, it’s not just an opportunity to promote the town’s businesses and attractions. It’s a chance to bring together experts in the field, share knowledge and insights, and collaborate on solutions to common challenges. By highlighting the strengths and successes of the local industry, the conference can help to attract investment, talent, and opportunities to the region. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and a great way to support the growth and prosperity of the community.”

The National Summit will be SEGRA’s 27th annual event. The Summit will bring together national, state and local politicians, policy makers, industry leaders and regional Australians to present and explore solutions to the challenges currently facing rural, remote and regional (#RRR) Australia.

The Foundation will include two additions to the Summit program in 2024.

Through a self-nomination process, the SEGRA Foundation will select ten emerging rural ‘doers’ (25-39yrs) across regional Australia to participate in a 1.5 day program that will be held leading into the Summit.

“The Emerging Champions program will raise the profile of regions as essential parts of Australia’s national outlook, empowering regions to be responsible for their own destinies, identifying ideas, issues and opportunities, and promote regional connectivity” said Caroline Robinson, Foundation Director.

The Emerging Champions program will include a networking event, deep dive conversations, skills development and a leadership activity. Applications to participate in the Emerging Champions program will open in early December 2023.

The second addition is a School Challenge for a school in the Busselton-Margaret River region. It will be a weeklong intensive program that allows students to experience first-hand what it takes to lead change and solve a local rural problem in an innovative manner, with a focus on long term impact and sustainability.

A small group of students will be selected to attend the Summit and pitch for support to get their chosen solution running as well as feature on panels and discussion tables.

The Summit is currently open for presenters to submit an EOI. For more information contact Caroline Robinson at .