SEGRA is Australia’s most credible, independent voice on issues affecting regional Australia

Cradle Coast Authority SEGRA Conference 2022

SEGRA provides a meeting place for leaders, directors and practitioners, developers, policy makers, researchers, advisors, advocates, decision makers and the ‘doers’ from across regional, rural and remote Australia to connect, learn and discuss the key issues facing regional Australia.

Delegates to SEGRA 2022 will engage with and hear from speakers on topics including:

  • How our regions prepare for, respond and recover from crisis and natural disasters;
  • Place activation and place-based development as a means to develop liveable and thriving communities for our rural, regional and remote populations;
  • The futureof work in the regions;
  • The role our regions can play in the defence industry;
  • The role of regional, rural and remote Australia in renewables and ESG;
  • Addressing the housing challenges;
  • Access to capital for sustainable economic development and;
  • The role of geotourism in the visitor economy just to name a few…..

We will also be asking the big questions facing regional Australia – the role of the regions in the new Federal Government’s agenda, how best to fund development in regional Australia, how to improve connectivity and how do we protect and value our natural assets?

We are an independent and non-partisan network of Australians who voice, advocate for and advance the long term interests of regional Australia. Our vision is to create a connected and prosperous rural, remote and regional Australia.

Celebrating 25yrs in 2021, SEGRA is an annual conference that aims to assist regional, rural and remote Australia to source and identify the techniques, skills and issues they need to address which will help achieve successful economic growth and development.

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Our Goals

SEGRA acts to provide end to end value to regional Australia using a systems approach to:

  • Raise the profile of regions as essential parts of Australia’s national outlook.
  • Empower regions to be responsible for their own destinies
  • Identify ideas, regional issues and opportunities
  • Influence policy by encouraging evidence based responses and supporting practice based research and projects
  • Promote regional connectivity