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SEGRA Foundation

SEGRA is an independent network advancing issues affecting regional Australia

We are an independent and non-partisan network of Australians who voice, advocate for and advance the long term interests of regional Australia. Our vision is to create a connected and prosperous rural, remote and regional Australia.

Celebrating 28 years in 2024, the SEGRA Foundation hosts an annual event that aims to assist regional, rural and remote Australia to source and identify the techniques, skills and issues they need to address which will help achieve successful economic growth and development.

Our Goals

The Foundation aims to provide regional Australia with assistance and activities to:

  • Raise the profile of regions as essential parts of Australia’s national outlook
  • Empower regions to be responsible for their own economic destinies
  • Identify ideas, regional issues and opportunities
  • Influence policy by encouraging evidence based responses and supporting practice based research and projects
  • Promote regional connectivity and collaboration

Thought Leaders Wanted!

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If you possess specialist knowledge or lived experience and would be happy for us to call on you when the opportunity arises, please join our register of RRR Thought Leaders.

Recent News

SEGRA Conference 2023
What action would you recommend rural, remote and regional communities do to raise their voices? The 150 responses from the 2023 Summit identified key themes that can be used moving forward to advocate for the needs of those in our #RRR communities.
The City of Busselton and Regional Development Australia South West will jointly host the national event which is expected to attract over 250 ‘doers’ from across regional Australia.
SEGRA Conference 2023
The SEGRA Foundation invites organisations based in regional Australia to consider presenting at the Foundation‘s new event series - the SEGRA In House Session at Parliament House Canberra.
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The Australian Government has pledged $6 million for the expansion of the Regional Tech Hub (RTH) over the next three years, with National Farmers’ Federation to continue to administrate the program after a successful tender.