SEGRA is a professional and inclusive network that provides relevant information, leadership and an annual conference to empower and promote rural, regional and remote communities.

The network is led by a National Steering Committee and administered by Caroline Robinson of 150Square.  The National Steering Committee are a group of volunteers across all states of Australia who commit time and energy to advance the purpose, objectives and vision of rural, remote and regional Australia.

Collectively the Committee is responsible for contributing to the successful development and conduct of the annual national SEGRA conference and presenting a high profile, credible and independent voice on issues affecting regional Australia.

National Steering Committee members include Kate Charters (Chair) – Sharni Foulkes – Simon Boughey – Ashley Bland – Dr Jen Cleary – Jodi Sampson – Rod McDonald – Prof Rolf Gerritson – Caroline Robinson

Our Objectives

  • Helping regions take the initiative and control of their own economic development destinies;
  • Identifying their positions – economic, social and cultural – and maximising their worth in the new global economy;
  • Identifying and exploiting emerging issues and trends to maximise benefits;
  • Developing innovative strategies and implementation processes to ensure community support and relevant action to meet regional needs;
  • Identifying key decision makers, processes and points of access in government and the corporate sector;
  • Identifying the issues essential for regional sustainability;
  • Actioning strategies for real influence and impact;
  • Raising regional profiles; and
  • Setting the policy agenda and changing the choices and present options.


Each year following the SEGRA Conference, the National Steering Committee release a communique ‘Speaking up for Regional Australia.’ This Communique considers the conference theme and responds to key action agendas including identifying potential policy and practice actions. It is a summary of discussions at SEGRA and does not purport to represent a shared view by the SEGRA National Steering Committee or delegates.