Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, 16–18 November 2021 2021

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Dr James Earnest

Lecturer, Curtin University

Dr James Earnest


Supply chain sustainability in the West Australian Mining Industry

There are various benefits and calls to move towards increased sustainability within both the mining and supply chain industry, however, there is limited research available in the field of supply chain sustainability in the WA Mining Industry.

The mining industry is responsible for generating profits, providing employment opportunities and facilitating economic growth in low-income countries. The industry is also responsible for the extraction of large amounts of non-renewable resources, which furthermore, presents a direct and significant impact on all three dimensions of the Triple bottom line (environment, social and economic) currently and in the future.

There is thus a responsibility upon the industry to produce with less waste, adopt sustainable practices/technologies, advocate towards the wellbeing of local communities, improve safety and take responsibility for environmental stewardship. Thus, in the interest of the current and future world environment, it is in the best interest of everyone to better understand how changes can be implemented to foster increased sustainability within the mining industry supply chain practices.

This study will present a better understanding of Sustainable Supply Chain Management practices in the West Australian mining industry using the Triple Bottom line framework. There are three focus areas. Firstly, this study aims to explore what sustainable practices are implemented and adhered to. Secondly, to gain an understanding of the motivational drivers towards the adoption of these practices. Lastly, the study aims to understand what challenges are faced during the transition to an increased level of sustainability.


Dr James Earnest is a senior global procurement, logistics and contract manager and project management consultant with experience directing procurement operations in the housing, education, healthcare, utility, Oil & Gas (downstream), mining and humanitarian sectors.

Dr Earnest work experience includes working with ethnic communities in many countries and having devised plans for improving sustainable strategies for development projects. Dr Earnest is currently doing a research study with a student on sustainable practices in the mining industry and will present the findings of the study to the community. Dr Earnest strongly feels that by collaborating with external partners and by engaging with real-world problems, we can anticipate the global issues of tomorrow while overcoming the challenges of today.