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Edward Andrews

Managing Director, Illira Group

Edward Andrews


With a combined 45 years of experience in the military and business sectors, Edward Andrews is an experienced public safety professional with extensive experience in disaster response, emergency management education and training, project management and business development.

For 18 years, Edward owned and operated a private search and rescue company, garnering a formidable network of individuals in the public safety industry, including airline operators, shipping and logistics businesses and military contractors. Skilled in the strategic oversight, Edward has led recovery and response operations in Australia, Russian, Kenya and Nyngan.

Since 2004, Edward has served on boards and advisory groups around the world, while working with public safety professions he has responded to the ever-increasing numbers of manmade and natural disasters.

His commitment to helping individuals, businesses and government agencies access proactive emergency and safety planning, Edward founded the Illira Group. The specialist disaster response, emergency management training and education organisation provides solutions to avert or mitigate crises.

Abstract: Taking flight for our community - How do we use emerging technologies to assist in disaster risk reduction minimising the social and economic impact of disasters on rural and regional Australia?

Predicting the future does not come without risk, however, in the case of drone advancement, the greater risk is not planning for our imminent shifts toward new technologies in Australia.

The drone industry is predicted to take off in the near future, with demand for technology’s capabilities predicted to reach new heights for a range of applications. For commercial sectors, drones are expected to fundamentally change how services are delivered safely and efficiently. As with any technological advancement, there is a learning curve. The Illira Group has developed this paper to help both private and public organisations understand drone technology and its commercial potential.

The Illira Group is a disaster preparedness, response and emergency management training organisation that focuses on saving lives through the delivery of robust training and timely response capabilities. As an organisation establishing itself at the forefront of innovative drone applications, the Illira Group has developed this research paper to chart a path for the efficient integration of drones into commercial operations for public safety.