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Barooga, New South Wales, 20–22 August 2019 2019

2018 Conference

Beyond the Boom: Opportunities for growth and vitality

The impacts of economic business and trade cycles, depending on severity and rate, have profound effects on national economies. Regional, rural and remote Australia are often more acutely vulnerable to these cycles given their more immediate connection to agricultural and commodity cycles.

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Mackay, a service centre for its broader agricultural, mining and tourism economies, SEGRA 2018 will be showcasing how regions can leverage the challenges of both these extremes to create vitality and growth in regions.

The SEGRA National Steering Committee is inviting submissions from regions that have faced the challenges of boom and bust and used their unique local skills and attributes to diversify and grow. Papers focussing on business attraction and investment strategies, the use of multi- level governance and localism to drive decision making, promoting environmental sustainability, and maximising technology and infrastructure to create connectivity are particularly sought.

Action Agendas

  1. Regional Australia and the national agenda - what does policy and practice look like in regional, rural and remote Australia?
  2. How to attract private sector investment into regional, rural and remote economic development partnerships.
  3. How places in regional, rural and remote Australia make the best decisions.
  4. How technology and innovation provide business growth and social inclusion opportunities for rural, regional and remote Australia.
  5. How to grow sustainable regions: supporting economic, social and environmental assets of regional, rural and remote Australia.
  6. How Regional Australia adds value and value adds.
  7. What does good decentralisation look like?
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