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Barooga, New South Wales, 20–22 August 2019 2019

SEGRA: Speaking up for Regional Australia

31 August 2017


For the first time in its 21-year history the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) conference will be held in the Upper Spencer Gulf South Australia.

The SEGRA conference was established promote the valuable role regions played in both communitywellbeing,environmentalprotectionandtheeconomy. Itsgoalwastoensure the importance of regional Australia in the national agenda was adequately considered most particularly at times of significant change and disruption. SEGRA is now recognised as Australia’s most credible, independent voice on issues affecting regional Australia.

“It is important when shaping our national agenda that the place of rural, regional and remote Australia is considered. Regional Australia accounts economically for 1/3 of national output and represents a large portion of Australia’s land mass” said Ms Charters, Chair of the SEGRA National Steering Committee.

“In developing national and regional policy, governments need to think about regions as places for people, regions as places for people’s endeavours and regions as places for resource optimisation and commercial innovation” said Ms Charters.

“We are delighted to be coming to the Upper Spencer Gulf; its three cities and wider regions, it is a great exemplar of our theme for this year Disruption – a catalyst for change” said Ms Charters.

The recent major achievements in the region will provide an excellent canvas on which to consider the theme of disruption and strategies for creating change.

The SEGRA 2017 conference is a forum for people passionate about the future of regional Australia and a place where new ideas can be formed and shared. Experts from across Australia will meet to discuss “how individuals, communities, government and business can respond to the effects of economic and social disruption in rural, regional and remote Australia”.

SEGRA is more than a think tank, participants will also be putting forward ways in which people living in regional Australia might act to facilitate the opportunities for people and businesses in regional Australia to ensure ongoing investment and sustainable growth.

To arrange interviews with speakers, please contact Conference Convenor Ms Kate Charters on 0408 882 871.

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