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Barooga, New South Wales, 20–22 August 2019 2019

SEGRA Comes to a Close

06 September 2019


SEGRA Comes to a Close

As SEGRA comes to a close for 2019, the national conference created some memorable moments and fulfilled its goals to be Australia’s most credible and independent voice on issues affecting reginal, rural and remote Australia.

The passion for regional Australia shone brightly and the delegates had the opportunity to choose from over 40 case studies drawn from regional Australia.

Four key themes emerged: strategic foresight, place-based approaches to regional development, building healthy and vibrant communities and sustainability with a particular focus on water and the Murray Darling Basin.

In looking at strategic foresight several themes emerged from the presentations:

In investigating place-based approaches several key elements emerged:

Leadership capability was given high priority with many case studies highlighting leadership programs in the regions. Some key qualities of leaders were identified as follows:

Sustainability of our regions is always a key theme of SEGRA with water a particularly strong consideration.

Key take home messages I heard during the conference included:

  1. Increasing need for systems thinking capability in wide ranging regional organisations
  2. Leaders are not always ‘the most obvious person in the room”
  3. The immediately ‘best idea’ is not always the best idea – welcome all ideas and try to keep them alive as long as possible
  4. Think long term act short term
  5. Think of place-based service as a co- production
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