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Mount Gambier, South Australia, 22–24 September 2020 2020

Preparing your regional workforces for a lifetime of careers

12 July 2019


Preparing your regional workforces for a lifetime of careers

It is now accepted that our regional economies are constantly changing, requiring retraining and re-skilling for future work requirements to ensure our communities continue to thrive. There is an increasing shift from linear careers to a world where a portfolio of skills will be crucial. How can your region support your workforce to succeed, particularly in a regional context where opportunities may be scarce or unknown?

At SEGRA 2019, Kelly Fawcett from the Foundation for Young Australians’ and Leigh Roberts from South West TAFE, will report on how a South West Victorian region is supporting their workforce to navigate this changing landscape. Underpinned by innovative research, the project showcases and demonstrates a new learning model and a number of products to better meet the industry and training needs of the future: a series of micro credentials to meet identified skills gaps, a new approach to workforce planning and an online career tool that provides users with a real-time, data-driven skills profile and accurate future focused information on jobs in the region  An innovation hub will offer peer to peer immersive learning to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the region, ensuring people can be job creators as well as job seekers. 

To read their abstract, please click here.

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