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Barooga, New South Wales, 20–22 August 2019 2019

Leadership: Inspiring and fostering our next generation of leaders is the key to successful regions

21 August 2019


Leadership: Inspiring and fostering our next generation of leaders is the key to successful regions

There is an increasing demand for regions to drive their own strategic future. This future involves multiple stakeholders working hand in hand with multiple levels of government. This is not always easy to achieve – some regions seem well placed to deliver investible business cases other regions find it less easy.

However, it would seem that the Hume region’s investment in leadership is paying off.

Today the national Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) conference being conducted in Barooga, will be looking at different approaches to regional development and in particular the role of the local community and its leaders.

“The cornerstone of success to optimising the strategic value of a regional plan is community leadership,“ said Ms Susan Benedyka when addressing the SEGRA conference in Barooga today.

“Our 10-year regional plan, the Hume Strategy for Sustainable Communities, has a commitment to “Leadership (as) fundamental to delivering a strategic plan that has positive long- lasting impacts for the region,” she said.

“Over the past decade, our region’s success in achieving the goals of the Hume Strategy has been enhanced by the commitment of leaders from across our diverse community and business sectors.“

Leadership is observed through formal structures such as the RDA Hume Committee as well as community leadership programs at a regional scale and at a local level. The decade from 2010 when the Hume Strategy was developed has seen regional leadership flourish. It has been strengthened because governments have recognised the value leaders provide as partners when making decisions about communities, and value their input about what to spend, where and why.

Leadership in the Hume region is a success story that continues to play out at the highest levels – and it is this difference that will be highlighted, and the links between leadership and the success of the Hume Strategy.

A focus of the day is how Innovation and entrepreneurship are a unique and important factor of region’s leadership models.

The network of regional leadership programs will also be highlighted as a significant resource when engaging in strategic planning.

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