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How your region can deliver Integrated Management Frameworks in irrigated horticulture

09 July 2019


How your region can deliver Integrated Management Frameworks in irrigated horticulture

In irrigated horticultural areas there are many complex interactions spanning land, water and agribusiness systems which need to be identified and addressed to ensure the agricultural areas are both resilient and sustainable. History shows that regions have struggled with understanding and dealing with this system complexity with unintended impacts leading to declining productivity and environmental sustainability.

There is a critical need for integrated rather than fragmented planning and management of irrigated areas, based on a shared understanding of the goals and issues; broader, systems thinking models; collaborative, integrated solutions and; a degree of co management between key players.  Yet there are few working models to help regional stakeholders apply systems thinking across institutional boundaries for public and private good outcomes.

The Northern Adelaide Plains Integrated Management Framework began late in 2017 and has pioneered an integrated approach to planning and management of land,water and agribusiness systems across an irrigation district. The three phase process involved identifying the key system issues where collaborative solutions are most needed, developing shared goals and preferred solution to address these issues and thirdly a mobilisation phase to encourage and support collaborative actions.

The process has help galvanise the commitment of regional stakeholders, councils, government agencies and irrigators to collaborative responses to complex regional challenges.

To hear first-hand how this Framework has been implemented the Northern Adelaide Plains and how it might work in your region, register for SEGRA 2019 here.

To read Gerry’s abstract, please click here.

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