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Mount Gambier, South Australia, 22–24 September 2020 2020

From creating bureaucracy to battling it - a personal insight

26 July 2019


From creating bureaucracy to battling it - a personal insight

SEGRA 2019 welcomes Paul Rosair as a speaker this year. After 40 years of working in State Government, Paul now runs and owns his own consultancy business through which he assists clients navigate the bureaucracy that he says he may have unwittingly contributed to.

Paul will outline a number of ways policy, regulation, legislation and rules are established (often with good intent) that make it exceedingly difficult for industry, not for profits, businesses and individuals and even other layers of governments to go about their daily lives and conduct their businesses particularly those located in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Paul will delve into the factors behind these unintended consequences and how you might prepare yourself when engaging with governments. 

To read Paul’s abstract, please click here.

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