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Mount Gambier, South Australia, 22–24 September 2020 2020

Don’t Let Recreational Vehicle Tourism Pass You By

07 June 2019


Don’t Let Recreational Vehicle Tourism Pass You By

The opportunity to benefit through tough climatic conditions in rural and regional Australia, could be a simple answer when you look at drive tourism as that opportunity. Have you thought how simple it would be to attract these “spenders”. The big surge in tourism at the moment is that through the “baby Boomer” generation as they start to retire and travel. They have worked solidly in their life and now its time for them. At the moment this sector of the market make up over 53% of the countries wealth, now its your turn to tap into it. CMCA can certainly show you how, with many of the programs targeting the traveller to slow down and stop and shop.

The sector has over 680,000 registered recreational vehicles in Australia, with a good percentage happening to be on the road during peak season in the north of the country looking for warmer conditions. CMCA are developing its own low cost camping model which will also cater for non-members.

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Image courtesy of Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia

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