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Mount Gambier, South Australia, 22–24 September 2020 2020

Conversation 32 - Will COVID 19 permanently revive Buy Local

23 November 2020

General Webinars

Conversation 32 - Will COVID 19 permanently revive Buy Local

SEGRA has set up a series of webinars called “A Conversation for Regional Australia about COVID-19” as a forum for those who live, work and invest in regional, rural and remote Australia. The goal of the webinars is to enable regions to get a greater understanding of the issues and pool their ideas and initiatives to ride out the storm. Impacts will be felt across health, the broader economy, education, business, lifestyle and our social fabric.

Regional Australia will continue to drive our Australia’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. So it’s more important than ever that we continue to back our regions through targeted support, delivery critical infrastructure and services, local leadership and decentralisation.

In this presentation, Mary Reid, highly successful regional business woman and Trudi Bartlett, RDA Darling Downs South West will be introducing us to the new federally funded buy local initiative and why they believe the Go Local First provides a new regional economic development opportunity.

Webinar 32 speakers:

To watch the webinar, please click here.

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