Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, 16–18 November 2021 2021

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Entrepreneurial action in regional Australia

Entrepreneurship is human action in pursuit of the generation of value through new venture creation. Entrepreneurs go about their value growth in a variety of ways from small businesses, scalable start-ups, large companies and social entrepreneurs. There are many indicator measures for entrepreneurial activity, however these do not always reveal how to nurture or encourage this activity.

Additionally, the encouragement of start-ups and social entrepreneurs frequently require a different strategy than traditional economic development techniques. Often these strategies rely on more collaboration and co-operation within the community.

Regional leaders can foster start up and social entrepreneurship in their community through support of entrepreneurship networks, provision of access to appropriate business services (lawyers, IT, HR) and, as they advance, more intensive support options such as office space, basic office needs, and some form of financial capital and market promotion. 

This action agenda is looking at how regions use entrepreneurial indicator measures and other activities that support and advance these indicators through promotion of entrepreneurial activity.