Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia, 16–18 November 2021 2021

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Branding regional Australia and growing population

Regional Australia has always held a special place in the hearts of Australians – linking into our pioneer heritage and bush ideation. COVID 19 seems to have enlivened Australian’s love for the outback. This renewed interest has brought into focus the importance of regional areas capitalising on this trend and optimising promotion of regions, not just as visitor destinations, but as places to live, work and invest.

However, understanding a region’s unique defining traits and ‘genius loci’ is not always easy. Places are complex, disparate, and often contradictory, the people and businesses that make up a region do not always see the world through the same lens as others. Regional branding requires developing a positioning expression that is owned by the region that identifies key position whilst at the same time providing a positive halo effect over the enterprises of the region.

This action agenda seeks to understand how regions identify their ‘sense of place’ and the efforts and investments required to deliver this through infrastructure and buildings; events and stories; co-operative organisational structuring and symbols as well as specific branding activities e.g., websites.