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Barooga, New South Wales, 20–22 August 2019 2019

SEGRA Challenge 2018

Challenge 1 - Safe Water ConneXion Australia

Safe Water ConneXion Australia: Securing Adequate Safe Domestic Water for Rural and Remote Regional Australia

Currently the sufficiency and quality of water resources used for domestic purposes in rural and remote regional Australia is largely unknown and the potential health risks arising from this situation are poorly dimensioned. Assured supplies and reduction of health risks from unsafe water must be a priority across rural and remote regional Australia.

Australia wide little assistance is provided by any level of government to reduce potential health risks from non-scheme water in rural and remote regions. In all Australian jurisdictions, Local Governments only have statutory responsibility for the quantity and quality of scheme water provided to rural cities, towns and settlements. People on farming and pastoral properties are left to their own devices to secure adequate and safe domestic water supplies. This inequity is considered a serious deficiency in rural health policy and practice. And one with serious implications for economic productivity and the quality of life for people in ‘’the bush’.

In 2015 the Institute for Land Water and Society, Charles Stuart University (ILWS-CSU) in collaboration with SEGRA, university and regional partners initiated the SEGRA Challenge: Securing Adequate Safe Domestic Water for Rural and Remote Regional Australia. The focus has been on fostering self-sufficiency in the provision of secure safe domestic water (SSDW) from private supplies on rural and remote properties and rainwater tanks in towns and settlements.

Read the full synopsis here: Safe Water ConneXion Australia

Challenge 2 - Education Challenge

Regional Australia Informing Strategies for Education Through to Employment

This Challenge started from a discussion session held during the Researchers’ Day, which was hosted by UniSA at their Whyalla campus. It was on “Beyond Post-Truth – Getting Science and Evidence Back into Policy and Decision-Making”. I’m not sure we had a common view understanding of the topic, but we did have an engaging discussion with inputs from many participants and we came up with what we saw as a Grand Challenge for regional Australia. A Challenge that was applicable across regional Australia and was independent of scale.

Read the full document here: Education Challenge

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