SEGRA - Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia

Connecting Matters - 8 –10 October 2014, Alice Springs, NT


It is with delight that we invite you to Alice Springs for the 2014 SEGRA conference.

Alice Springs is the heart of Australia – literally and figuratively. Located almost exactly at Australia's geographic centre, it is a major tourist destination attracting 300,000 visitors annually. It is also an important service and industry hub with connections to road, rail and air transport and communications services. It is a beautiful desert place, rich in Indigenous and other history.

The Central Arrernte people are traditional owners of Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and continue to live in Mparntwe. Many observe their law and custom, look after country and teach their children the Arrernte language and the importance of culture. Alice Springs has often been described as the traditional cultural heart of Australia.

Alice Springs is also the heart of Desert Knowledge, a nucleus of science, technical and social experts working in national organisations committed to working together. Desert Knowledge establishes networks to undertake the research, product development and marketing to share ideas and develop sustainable living and economic development in harmony with arid lands.

Come to experience the colours and contrasts of our natural environment whilst you observe our approach to regional development socially, culturally, economically and environmentally.

The bid to bring SEGRA to Alice Springs has been supported by a range of organisations from across desert and remote Australia. This acknowledges the important place that Alice Springs holds as a centre for desert knowledge networks. It also highlights the positive leadership role of both Alice Springs Town Council and Desert Knowledge Australia in facilitating regional collaboration across the community, industry and government.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Alice on 8, 9, 10 October, a vibrant town and 'must visit place' to meet with our networks as we develop a shared understanding of regional development best practices and build regional development capacity for the future.

Cr. Damien Ryan

John Huigen

Mayor of Alice Springs

Chair, RDA Northern Territory

  CEO, Desert Knowledge Australia


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